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Monday, January 23, 2012

New delay for the release of Diablo III

diablo 3

Those expecting (in we) that you could play Diablo III next month, you must be patient as Blizzard has officially announced that it will delay its release until at least the second quarter of 2012 ...

The Jay Wilson, designer of Diablo III, explained to

"When developing the game, we have imputed that is too concerned with adapting to different systems, that the game is excellent as is and that it should already have it released. It looks like just such a criticism, but I do not think is correct. The job is not just to release a game, but the next Diablo. Nobody will remember that delayed the release, if course is perfect. We trust in our abilities to create an amazing game, but we have not yet reached this point "

Hopefully there at Blizzard will be able to resolve whatever issues they face and to compensate us for expecting us.

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