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Monday, January 16, 2012

Liquipel: The ultimate method of waterproofing your mobile phone


We all know that water and telephone is not a good combination, but sometimes the "dips" are inevitable. So, if you want to protect your beloved your smartphone from any liquid malaise, you have to ask at Liquipel.

The company claims that it has developed a hydrophobic coated, a thousand times thinner than a hair, capable of making each device waterproof without affecting its functionality. All you have to do is send the device in your company (with a cost of $ 59) andthat you return it 100% waterproof guaranteed for life.

However, the company warns that the waterproofing is designed to protect the device from accidents and in any event does not mean that you can start diving with your phone.

To demonstrate the revolutionary method of the CES 2012, the Liquipel sank an iPhone 4 in water and as you will see the followingvideo, not absolutely nothing happened:

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