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Monday, January 16, 2012

Lightning Bolt, the alternative technology of AMD against Intel Thunderbolt

lighting bolt

The technology Intel Thunderbolt was first used by Apple (the preference of the USB 3.0) and other manufacturers have already begun to use it on their devices (see Lenovo, Acer), but it seems that AMD wants to offer even a option, which called Lightning Bolt.

It is obvious from the name that is a lighter version of the Thunderbolt, AMD seek the unification of various expenses (outputs) in a slot, while reducing costs.

In terms of design, the final output the notebook will have the form miniDisplayPort and act as a power connector, USB 3.0 and DisplayPort, while the cable is connected to a docking station, which will also include various connectors (power, USB 3.0, DisplayPort).

However, unlike the Thunderbolt, will support the interconnection of multiple devices, and the speed that provides the USB 3.0 well be greater than USB 2.0, but not at full levels of technology.

Whatever has, AMD wants to fly the Lightning Bolt in all consumer devices at the end of 2012, betting on low cost, but since the Thunderbolt has already taken the lead and gradually reduce its costs, it will be difficult (as such) to achieve.

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