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Friday, January 6, 2012

LG officially a member of Google TV manufacturers

lg google tv

The second round of developments in the Google TV will begin at CES 2012 and Google has just announced that LG is now a member of associates of the company.We know that Logitech will not participate in the final hardware, but the older partners Samsung, Sony and Vizio remain with Vizio to present two more devices in CES.The press release reveals the LG HDTV technology with "Cinema 3D FPR" and support "Magic Remote QWERTY" combining gestures and voice control of the Magic Remote with keyboard.Moreover, LG has published photos of some Google TV sets that reflected its own interface. According to the company, users can choose between the LG UI or that of Google TV.

Below you can see the trailer created by the team of Google TV to coincide with the CES.

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