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Sunday, January 8, 2012

LG Cinema Screen LCD 3D HDTV with a thickness of just 1mm at CES 2012!

lg 3d hdtv

LG impresses once again with the new Cinema Screen LCD 3D HDTV, which will officially present at CES 2012, with a margin(bezel) thickness of just 1mm (!) And 3D technology that allows two gamers to play simultaneously in 2D image!This technology is called LG Dual Play and works by using special glasses by two gamers, who see both different full-screen image,rather than separated in the middle of the screen during the game! Also, LG has incorporated the technology 3D Sound Zooming for better audio performance in space, depending on the location where placed, technology will be used in multichannel surround systems company.Finally, the Cinema Screen LCD HDTV features including Smart TV (software, applications, etc.), possibly already existing and will not be characterized as Google TV.

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