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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Intel wants touchscreens, management with gestures and other impressive tricks for Ultrabooks

The launch of Intel's CES 2012 brought about the present and the future of Ultrabooks, the company believes that this year will be the year with more than 75 new models make their appearance in 2012.
intel touchscreen
Greater interest, however, we found the concepts of the company for future Ultrabooks, with Intel envisions touch screens, NFC chips, epitachyntometra, distance sensors, recognition of gestures and general management of the computer without even touching the user!
intel touchscreen
From the top concepts are Intel Nikiski, an extremely thin and lightweight Windows 8 laptop with transparent touchpad that spans the entire area below the keyboard (where touching our hands that is). The impressive is that the user can use the entire space with the fingers, but once touched his palms, they are ignored by the system!
intel touchscreen
Even when the user turns off the computer, one of the screen shows some widgets from the operating system Windows 8, which continue to be updated and visible on the transparent touchpad. Finally, when pressed onto one of the widgets, then just open the computer will be transferred to the respective application. However, it seems distant mass production of Intel Nikiski.

Then, Intel has focused on how we will manage to integrate the technologies Ultrabooks touch sensors found in tablets and smartphones, showing some gaming notebooks where the user can move the screen eg to get a turn at a game of racing, while others had a proximity sensor and adjusts the picture depending on the user's location.

Finally, concepts presented by Ultrabooks with sliding mechanism for conversion from laptop to tablet, so that the touch technology is really useful, but also a recognition of gestures to sensors, to manage the computer without actually making contact.

We do not know how many of them will be found on the shelves, but Intel seems determined to conquer the world with Ultrabooks!

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