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Monday, January 23, 2012

Dream BlackBerry, the concept smartphone that can raise up RIM

Lately things do not go very well for RIM, as it is confronted with lawsuits for names BBX OS and VVM, is accused of child pornography and the general popularity of the falls constantly, but it still has loyal supporters.

Dream BlackBerry

One of them, an ethnic Greek John Anastasiadis, may have the solution for the resurgence of the company, offering amazing concept smartphone Dream BlackBerry!

The Dream BlackBerry has a screen that wraps around the structure and thus allow the emergence of virtual buttons at the bottom for games, navigation, etc., with the cameras (front, rear) to lie behind it.

Furthermore, the asymmetrical design allows you to guide without having to look at it, and only one hardware button is used depending on the function (power, take a picture, screen lock, etc.).

The best part is that according to the designer, all the functions proposed are feasible using current technology and not an elusive dream.

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