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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The tiny computer Raspberry Pi that costs $ 25

raspberry pi

A few months ago had made its debut Raspberry Pi - tiny Linux computer for $ 25 that was designed to make devices that require programming more accessible, and with potential for use everywhere, from school to home. The possibilities are many when you consider that it can handle 1080p video and graphics, while David Braben (board member of the Raspberry Pi Foundation) said in an interview with Edge that he considers the Pi more than the popular Quake III Arena The Foundation believes that the easy to use, but expensive devices such as modern PC and game consoles have made users less willing to experiment with computers.Their purpose is to create a cheap and small (about the size of a credit card) device that opens the door to people who otherwise could not learn how computers work.The device has a processor 700MHz ARM, RAM 128MB or 256MB depending on model, HDMI and RCA outputs, SD port, and a current through a 5V Micro USB connection. It is designed to be connected to the TV, and covers all daily operations of a normal PC. After five years of development and planning, it seems Raspberry Pi will soon be available to the public after production begins next month.

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