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Friday, December 30, 2011

LG unveiled its "ultra definition" 4K 84-inch TV!

lg 84 inch tv

 LG at CES 2011 had stated that initiated the development of 4K LCD TVs, but unfortunately failed to reach production this year. Butit seems that we can expect the movement in 2012, after the company announced it will present at CES next month the 84-inch "ultra definition" (3840 × 2160) TV, along with 55-inch OLED. It has all the built-in features that we find in Cinema 3D and Smart TV TVsLG, as the revamped Magic Motion remote and voice control. There is still no official information about when will be released orwhat the price, but seems ready for production in relation to other standards that have occurred in recent years. So far only Sony andJVC have managed to bring the experience 4K at home with some expensive projectors, but rather we will see other companiesalong with LG to present new TV models with upgrades in both inches and analysis.

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