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Monday, April 9, 2012

Security hole is discovered in Facebook and Dropbox for iOS

New security scandal revealed the researcher Gareth Wright on the iOS devices and many popularFacebook and Dropbox applications . Essentially, anyone can very easily just by copying an unencrypted text file from one device to another to obtain access to the account of another user.

The matter is quite serious and the failure of developers to protect encoded data user access within the application itself. Initially, Facebook issued a statement which basically says the safety gap appears only jailbroken devices and does not blame itself.

TNW, however, conducted tests and found that no jailbreak of the device is required to obtain access to a user's login information stealing in this way the account. The leak can be done either by obtaining physical access to the user device or installing malicious software on a public computer. Wright to prove what he said , installed such a program on a public computer and managed to collect over a thousand files. Plist in a week before contacting Facebook about the problem.

The same behavior occurs the application Dropbox too creating serious questions because the developers do not encrypt these very important information. The Dropbox notes, however, that the application for Android does not have this vulnerability.

No need to panic, though. Although the developers have to make to upgrade their applications by editing the security hole you can easily protect yourself by setting a passcode on your device. The passcode is a security method that should be everyone has put in iOS device. Passcode to all your data remains protected even in case of theft. To set a passcode go to Settings-> General-> lock with password.

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